Distribution & Logistics

Sky is positioned at the crossroads of Afro-Eurasia trade

Located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, Egypt remains one of the world’s most strategically important countries. Growth in world trade, coupled with the need for market proximity, presents an opportunity to provide distribution and logistics solutions to store and transport products on their way to Afro- Eurasian and other Middle Eastern markets.

The Egyptian government aims to transform the Suez Canal region into an international logistics, maritime and industrial hub, our portfolio companies will be a part of the engine of national and regional growth. Investments in affordable and reliable options – from modern fleets of trucks to port-adjacent state-of-the-art warehousing – support all of Sky’s distribution and logistics portfolio companies.

Given its geographical location, Egypt is well-positioned to benefit from the development of the Chinese Belt and new Silk Road, the vision of Chinese president Xi Jinping. The “One Belt One Road” idea is based on linking the regions of central, south and East Asia through a logistical and industrial chain that covers the Asian and European continents, passing through the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, including Egypt, on its way to Europe. Egypt is at the very center of this maritime route with the Suez Canal and the recently completed mega-project that constructed a twin canal in parallel.

Economic relations between Egypt and China appear to be strong, as China is expected to make substantial investments over the next 10 years in projects including those related to Egypt’s New Administrative Capital.  Bilateral trade is also predicted to grow, in particular with Egypt as a member of the 2015 Silk Road Economic Belt trade union.