Exited Investments


Masary is a fintech e-payment service solutions provider to consumers and businesses with over 50,000 point of sale (POS) locations throughout Egypt. With flexible architecture and high interoperability, the company is able to integrate with virtually any external platform. Masary is an authorized payment recipient for all of the country’s telecom providers and ISPs as well as for all government services. Recognizing the importance of financial inclusion in Egypt, where the vast majority of the population is unbanked, the company aims to provide a service that allows all consumers, banked or unbanked, to pay their bills conveniently and securely in one place, either online or in POS locations rather than at the office of where the bill was due.


Raya Holding

Raya was established in 1999 with the merger of Egypt’s 7 leading IT companies and has been publicly traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange since 2005. Today, Raya is a conglomerate with investments in a strong portfolio that is executing a diversification strategy that currently reflects nine lines of business – from retail distribution of mobile phones, to IT and logistics services, to waste management. Ayman Hussein, Sky Investment’s Chairman, was a co-founder of Raya. Today, years later after exiting through the IPO, Sky still maintains a 15% equity stake in the company.


Cairo Transport and Touring (CTT)

Founded in 1952, CTT Egypt was rebranded in 2014 when it joined the Sky Investments portfolio. An early investment in the return of tourism to Egypt, the company is well-positioned as a fully-licensed Class A travel agency with an upscale image and reputation for superior customer service. The company’s future growth plans include new online services, investments in charter flights and new international destinations including the Far East.