OVO Egypt

Established in 2019, OVO Egypt utilizes the latest technology in processing shell eggs into pasteurized, liquid or frozen products for industrial applications and exports.

OVO Egypt aims to create sustainable and healthier living by providing nutritional, high-quality produce; developing innovative solutions for food manufacturing with the latest technology and safety procedures; and building a robust infrastructure and food distribution channels.

OVO Egypt’s customers include bakeries and pastry chefs, manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, caterers and cafes.

Manufacturing: IMERCREA

IMERCREA’s factory in Lecce, Italy, an area of 30.000 square meters, is concentrated supply chain systems with cutting edge technology and highly skilled manpower.

IMERCREA stone line is an engineered cement-based limestone that is made of Italian limestone, coming directly from the south of Italian Quarries.

IMERCREA’s projects include The Ministry of Interiors General Administration Building in Abu Dhabi and Za’abeel Palace in Dubai.