Investment Approach

At Sky, we seek to invest in promising companies where we believe we can add value by making a strategic and operational difference in all phases of their corporate development. We are most often active owners, taking majority stakes in our portfolio companies.

Given our investment concentration in the emerging Egyptian market, we have adopted an approach that is both opportunistic and nimble in order to respond to changing market conditions. We invest across a broad range of industries, and our growth model takes different forms. We have a demonstrated ability to turn companies around, and we have leveraged our industry expertise to develop successful Greenfield projects. Our track record also reflects our capabilities in creating dynamic synergies among the companies in which we invest.

With our capital, vision and business acumen formed over the past four decades, we continue to focus on creating long-term value by driving the revenue and earnings growth of our core portfolio companies. Sky’s objective is to deliver superior investment returns to all stakeholders, while at the same time making an impact that is positive and sustainable on Egypt’s economic future.

Opportunistic, long-term investor in diverse industries

Hands-on investor and operator with majority stakes in core companies

Demonstrated ability to effect turnarounds

Create synergies among group companies

Develop greenfield projects that leverage expertise