Chairman’s Message

We have been proud investors in Egypt since our inception more than 40 years ago. We see our success as inextricably linked to Egypt’s success, aiming to create value by transforming strong local companies into well-managed industry leaders with international expansion potential.

We are optimistic and confident investors in Egypt, with political stability restored and the implementation of much-needed economic reforms well under way following the challenging times of the Arab Spring. The Egyptian economy is notably resilient and supported by solid fundamentals, which we believe will create an improving investment climate.

We are committed to being responsible investors in Egypt. With integrity and transparency at the core of our corporate values, we are mindful of embedding Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices into our company as well the businesses of our portfolio companies. Sustainability is in the forefront of our thinking as we construct environmentally-friendly buildings, implement best practices to ensure the health and safety of all our employees, and work hard to give back to our communities.

Our objective at Sky is to deliver superior investment returns to all of our stakeholders while at the same time making an impact that is positive and sustainable on overall economic growth, and in particular job creation. At this inflection point in Egypt’s history, we see dynamic times ahead.


Ayman Hussein
Chairman and Founder